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How to simply prepare Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

So it is Monday and you are a bit tense and nervous from all the things you need to do at the start of the week… now it is how Chocolate can play a major role in calming your nerves and get you in the mood to tackle all the challenges leading up to the next week end.

Chocolate has been proven to improve mood by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. It is one of our favourite drink in the office and we drink it from time to time. Simply, you can add two heaping tablespoons of our salted caramel to add sweetness and that little twinge of saltiness that is not too much and just yummy.


  1. Use two tablespoons of high-quality dark chocolate powder

  2. Add about 200 - 250ml of milk (heated)

  3. Add two heaping tablespoons of salted caramel

  4. Mix well and enjoy!

We will be doing more of these recipe with our handmade jams so visit us from time to time for more tips about how to make your everyday life more uplifting!

Happy Monday!