How Can I make my order?

You can make your order via WhatsApp at 0813-1543-0381 or from our Tokopedia page. You can also order via DM through our Instagram page. Do not forget to follow to get updates about our latest products and updates!

how do you deliver the cake?

For those who order from Jakarta area, we have our own courier with flat-rate fee of IDR 15.000 per address. Since we are shipping in bulk, we need to plan out the shipping route so you might have to spare 3 - 6 hours for the cakes to be delivered to your address. If you are in a hurry, please opt for instant courier service such as GOJEK/GRAB from our Tokopedia page.

And for those who order from outside Jakarta, it is possible to send some types of cake (like pound cake) by carefully packing them in a box, secured with bubblewrap. We have sent some pound cakes to different corners of the country and they had arrived safely.

can i have my cakes sliced for parties/events?

We can slice your cakes and put them in separate packets with an extra cost of IDR 12.000 per loaf (a loaf makes 6 - 7 slices).

How long does it take to bake my orders?

At this moment, we have no ready stock for our cakes. So every order will be freshly made the day after the order made OR on our baking days; which are Sunday and Thursday. So to put it roughly, it would need 2 - 3 days to bake an order. But believe us, there is nothing like freshly made cakes.


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