Classic pandan Chiffon Cake


IDR 99.000

✓ Handmade using specially prepared cold brew fresh pandan
✓ Made with the best ingredients; NO artificial flavours, NO preservatives
✓ Perfectly healthy part of a balanced diet; without butter and colouring agent
✓ Generous sizing of 20cm in diameter

If you are looking to truly enjoy a cake while on weight watcher, Chiffon Cake is your man. Made only using the freshest pandan, eggs, and a little bit of both flour and cane sugar, our Classic Pandan Chiffon Cake is probably the healthiest cake in our range that you can enjoy without worry. But what makes our Pandan Chiffon so special is that the way we processed the pandan so that it still retains all its goodness: we cold brew it for 2 days. The result is a classically great tasting chiffon cake with fresh pandan aroma and flavours. Nothing fancy here, just the Pandan Chiffon Cake that you’ve always dreamed about in your cravings!